Wowed by the Crowd

So, as we all know, Steam is one of the sources that had a vice-grip on my wallet. Today I thought I’d talk[despair] about another source[black hole], Kickstarter. It’s amazing to see how companies are tapping into Crowd Sourcing. Crazy cool ideas employed by Lego (See Lego Cuusoo) and The Tribunal for League of Legends, and even our own site with The Button Mash: Community Blog.

Evolving from that is Crowd Funding.

It is incredibly insidious how inspired I get looking at (and then supporting some of) these projects. Seeing what creative minds are up to and the great ideas they have, (including our very own Luke McKay) I can’t help but want them to succeed. Plus… there’s always the potential rewards for supporting… damn it.
So what’s active or recently closed on my Kickstarter list?

  1. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
  2. Video Game High School – Season 2
  3. Awakened
  4. SMBC – SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543

Though it just recently closed its Kickstarter campaign (and I definitely over-contributed), I really feel good about supporting Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. Akaneiro is retelling of Little Red Riding Hood… in Japan…as a demon hunter. Anyways, it’s a free-to-play game so check it out. </fanboymode> I’ll post a review later.

I’m a big fan of American McGee (Alice: Madness Returns) and I’m definitely inspired to develop a game with Unity after seeing what they have created in such a short time. (Mind you they are a full development studio, and I only have access to the resources at The Button Mash and Pixellusion, if I provide enough beer and pizza.) Unfortunately, Ms Riding Hood needs my help but there seems to be some demons in the way. Time for them to taste my cold steel!

What projects have you supported on Kickstarter? What has been your most favorite reward from supporting a project? Tell me in the comments below!