Nintendo builds real life Mario Karts

For years we’ve been racing them down rainbow roads and now, if you’re lucky enough it’s possible to rip down main street in one. Nintendo has teamed up with West Coast Customs to create real life Mario Karts and they were on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The front wheel drive life sized Karts are loaded with features, Mario’s Kart comes with all wheel disc brakes, 18″ rear wheels and the super glider option which allows it to glide safely off cliffs. Luigi’s Bumble V Kart also comes standard with disc breaks, honeycomb taillights and has a propeller option that allows it to travel underwater, a great way to dodge those nasty traffic jams on the bridge. Mario and friends have always been sensitive to the Mushroom Kingdom’s delicate environment (stomping on koopas and goombas in purely self defense) and as such both vehicles are electric.

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Of course since it was West Coast Customs creating the Kart’s we will get to see the build process in an upcoming episode of their reality TV show. I wonder if they will explain how I can equip my own truck with red Koopa Troopa shells, no one would ever cut me off again.

Real Life Mario Kart