The Crew

Jose Rojas

Director of Content


Twitter: @JoseDRojas
Articles by: Jose Rojas

Jose (a.k.a Josebot 3.0) crashed to earth in the year 426 AD. The impact drove his transport capsule miles below the surface where she lay dormant waiting for technology to be advanced enough to accept his inputs and commands. When he finally emerged in 1984 he immediately began his quest for world domination and total subjugation of the human race. However, advanced as he is Josebot could not predict the influence video games and the internet would have on him. Soon he forgot his quest whilst being distracted by cats on the internet and FPS video games. That is where we find him today, in front of his computer madly mashing his keyboard or furiously twiddling joysticks at a gaming console. Is this all that will become of Josebot, forever trolling the interwebs and spamming the mic chat, or have his plans for total domination just evolved and changed? The internuts are vast and far reaching, is The Button Mash just another distraction or a cunning ruse by Josebot to invade the minds of geeks and gamers eventually using them to take over the world! Only time will tell, but ask yourself… why are you here?

Kevin Chow

Creative Director

Twitter: @Kevinchow_
Articles by: Kevin Chow

Kevin Chow has been an avid (sometimes rabid) gamer since he was old enough to wield a joystick and start forging a path through cyberspace. Although he typically plays FPS, RTS, and Fighting games, sometimes Kevin will detox with Photoshop Hero, or Piano Hero. The only unfortunate side-effects of this lengthy exposure to these gamming-rays, is a high-propensity to theorycraft the heck out of games or critiquing the mechanics. When not busy trying to abuse a mouse or a gamepad, Kevin enjoys SciFi, boardgames, and sometimes SciFi-boardgames, and those are by no means immune to his often stern critique.

Luke McKay

“Balls2That” Creator


Articles by: Luke McKay

As of August 2005 Luke has paid his debt to society and been released back in to the real world. The real world is great, lots of movies, games, food, and girls. He writes and draws comics about them, formally at Rooster Teeth Productions and now here at Button Mash Productions.

Seán O’Sullivan


Sean O’Sullivan

Articles by: Seán O’Sullivan

Seán O’Sullivan (aka Sully) is a writer from Ireland living in Toronto. If you’d like to learn more about his various musings on videogames and life, or why he was exiled from his homeland, you should get in touch on Twitter.

Amanda Murphy


Amanda Profile

Articles by: Amanda Murphy

Amanda is a writer and blogger from Toronto, and recent addition to the Button Mash Productions motley crew. A female geek with a Legend of Zelda obsession, she battles stereotypes and collects heart pieces for all girl-gaming kind. Challenge accepted. Problem?

Kyle Khaklen

Podcast Monkey

Kyle Profile

Articles by: Kyle Khaklen

Before starving himself as a college student with nothing to lose, Kyle was an avid learner of a magical place called the internet which taught him that there is nothing better to do than play video games with the ongoing threat of a sudden zombie and/or robot apocalypse in the not-too-distant future. A student of the American Education system, Kyle will soon be teaching your kids how to write, fend for themselves and have opinions. Oh, and how to kill zombies—that’s important, too.

Cliff Sun

Cliff Sun

Articles by: Cliff Sun

I’m A beautiful deep forest princess!